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Clocking Off

I ¬†normally update this blog a few days after our meeting, to give me time to think about what to say. Tonight is different, as tonight was my last group as leader, and I thought it best to document it whilst it’s not a hazy memory.

We discussed ‘The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks’ . Some thought Henrietta’s family were unsympathetic, others wanted to learn more about the Nuremberg Trials and slavery. Some enjoyed the science, others got a bit lost but carried on and finished the book. Everyone had something to say.

The group of people there tonight were regulars – but as always, there was a new face there. Tonight we had Olivia from New Writing North – my boss- who complimented us on being a very interesting and solid group of people. I love that we have regulars now, and there is always a good welcome for new people, regardless of background, confidence levels, or opinion.

Although I originally said yes to running the group to give me somewhere to gabble on about my obsession with words, it’s also led me to meeting some lovely people, and tonight, some of them threw me a tea party, and gave me cards and presents which I didn’t expect and am very grateful for (especially the cards which made me a bit emotional in the safety of back home).

The group is one of the things (including my job as a journalist, my roller derby league, ¬†my house, my friends and family) which I’m leaving behind to move away and study Midwifery down South, but I’m pretty good at staying in touch with people, be warned!

I have absolutely loved meeting up every month, and know that the new leader Stephanie (who will be blogging here soon) will carry on the laid-back feel of the group, and add her own touches just like I did. I think she’ll a grand job, and wish her lots of luck.

So yes, it’s nice to end on a high note, after 3 years of being chucked out of various venues, heated debates, numerous cups of tea and cocktails, and getting to meet a most excellent bunch of people.

Over and Out.


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