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Your sweet face seems to haunt my dreams

It’s the Bank holiday weekend (thank gawd) which I hope gives you time to have a listen to some rather lovely songs to go with our third book ‘The Good Father’ by Marion Husband (which we’ll be meeting to have a look at on Tuesday).

Marion sent us her top 5 songs to go with the book, which you can listen to here! 

Moon Light Serenade – Glen Miller


The White Cliffs of Dover – Vera Lynn 


Lili Marlene – Marlene Dietrich 


Goodnight Sweetheart – Bing Crosby


Move It – Cliff Richard


The novel is set in the 1950s and Marion has given some tips on how to write about the past:


* Research – use the web, library, talk to people who lived through that period if possible


*Don’t just read history books about the period but poems, memoirs, novels, plays and songs written at the time


*Love the period you’re writing about – be absolutely fascinated by everything about it


*Use fascinating odd/quirky nuggets you’ve come across in your research to add colour and interest and credibility to your writing


*Research, research, research – check and double check your facts


See you next Tuesday!


Mr Grey Sky

I genuinely thought summer was here last week. Men had their shirts off in Albert Park, the fountain was full of dogs sharing spit and fleas and everyone was asking me to go the the pub (always a good thing). Now it’s grey, my fingers are freezing and I’m wearing a JUMPER.

One thing that is soothing my grumpiness at the weather is the news that our book group is to continue after these first 3 sessions, and new book groups are soon to be popping up all over the North East.

So, for any of you who have read the blog, shown up and let us know what you think, thank you – without you lot it would just be me, a cocktail and a very lonely few hours in Blue Lounge.

Over the next few months, we shall be having some exciting new things happening with the book group, which I shall be announcing over the next few weeks so keep checking back. We also have a facebook group if that’s your sort of thing, so join us there.

Oh and the eagle eyed of you will notice there is no June group – this is due to one of the exciting things – so we have 2 in July, none in August (holiday season innit?) and then back on track for September (Confusing? No. Interestingly planned? Yes.)

So yes, I hope you’ve read/are reading The Good Father, like the look of the next two books we have announced and are having a lovely time even if the sun ISN’T shining.

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