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New year, new books!

My 2010 has been pretty busy so far, even witha  week off in a thatched cottage in Wales, and i’m excited for the new books we have coming in the next few months.

There is a full list up here

Our first meeting of 2010 is Tue 12th Jan 2010, 6.30pm – 8.00pm, at Uncle Alberts, opp Boro train station, and Manager Ben will be providing us with FREE hot drinks – hurrah!

One thing i keep getting asked by new members is what actually happens at the group, so i thought I’d blog about it.

 I run the discussion, and it’s very informal, and hopefully friendly.

We get the drinks in and some records on and I usually start by getting everyone to introduce themselves as we often have new people.

Then I start by asking who has read it, and what people thought about the book. From here it’s pretty relaxed, with members bringing up things they want to talk about, in regards to the book and other things that are related (film, tv, our own lives, anything really.)

It’s my job to bring the discussion back to the book and to make sure everyone gets their chance to speak, if they want to that is. Some people can be shy at first and others want to talk straight away.

**This month’s book**

We’re talking about The Clothes on Their Backs,by Linda Grant – looking forward to seeing you all!


About the group

The Tees Valley Book Group meets at Stockton Central Library at 6.30pm on the first Tuesday of the month.

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