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The final countdown

Nowadays when I’m not at work, Im locked away studying – making notes, annotating, repeating long words and hoping the memory will hold some of it in alongside all the useless bits and bobs that have built up over the years.

This means that reading is something that is now done whenever I get a spare moment….in the bath, a few minutes before lights out, or whilst cooking tea – one eye on page, the other on pan.

I hear this is pretty common amongst readers, who need a fix at some point, even in the busiest of days, and I’m amazed at how much you can still get through.

Right now, at New Writing North, we’re looking at books for Autumn/Winter and I would like to know what you have read recently and why you think other people should read it. 

It could make the reading list so leave a comment on here and let’s get cracking!

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