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A motley crew

Every time we have a meeting, someone in our group reveals something exciting and new about themselves. A married couple who told us how they met in a 1950s jazz band, anecdotes about family and pets that range in light and shade, and we’ve had had a few brushes with fame.

The Boro group, which is a mix of regulars and intermittent visitors is a mix of ages and backgrounds and it’s always a bit lively.

Our last book ‘Richard Milward’s Ten Storey Love Song’ can also be descibed as lively and it’s graphic depiction of life in a Middlesbrough tower block got a mixed response, but by the end of the night, even the people who hasn’t been able to keep reading it ahd said they fancied finishing it after hearing everyone elses reviews.

The group is open to anyone who fancies it, and even if you can’t come every month, that’s a-ok.

Come along and join in, you’re always welcome.

Brambles Farm massive!

so, here comes another bank holiday ( i LOVE May!) and after it comes our May meeting.

We’re discussing Ten Storey Love Song by Richard Milward and am really looking forward to find out what y’all think about it!

Set in a peach tower block on Brambles Farm, one of the grimy bits of the Boro, the book is one long paragraph involving the people who live there. I loved it, although the location wasn’t what won me over…it was far more than that.

So if you want to come down and chip in, come along on Tuesday 26th, 6.30pm Central Library. Free tea and biscuits as usual. Cider and pick n mix optional.

About the group

The Tees Valley Book Group meets at Stockton Central Library at 6.30pm on the first Tuesday of the month.

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