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Weird Science

Here in Middlesbrough we like to push boundaries, explore new worlds and adventure into the unknown – and that is just on Southfield Road on a weekend. Book-wise we have never read a science fiction novel, until June, when the members of the group took one giant leap and read Iain M Banks – ‘Consider Phlebas’.

I say read, but most of the group, even the ones who enjoy sci-fi in film and books struggled to get half way through it. Tiny writing, made-up words by the bucketload, and unsympathetic characters led to an interesting discussion, but a lot of books heading to the charity shop, post-meeting.

I think this is one of the exciting elements of a book group – it’s a gamble every time whether you choose the right book for the group, and also whether or not people actually can read it, never mind enjoy it.

Our next book is ‘The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks‘ – chosen by one of our members for the Summer book group before our break in August). As a science nerd and a feminist, this was one on my list of books to read, and I’m REALLY excited to discuss it in July (which will be my last book group before our new leader Stephanie takes over.

Like Henrietta’s cells….’To infinity and beyond!”

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