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Another venue for December onwards….

Photo by Iain Henderson

Our lovely host’s Writer’s Block NE have moved premises so we are going with them.

Come and find us at Unit 5, Broadcasting House (on the ground floor of BBC Tees, directly opp. Middlesbrough Bus Station) , Newport Road, Middlesbrough, TS1 5DG.

Car parking is available next to  the building at Sainsbury’s and Captain Cook’s Square.

Our January book is up in the book section, but please let us know of any new books you’ve read or heard about, and think would be good for book group.

Don’t be shy!

The derby-players Wife

It’s a busy time at the moment for me….as well as working lots, reading books and lurking in libraries, I’ve been busy training with my roller derby team for our first public bout in Birmingham, and also, welcoming another greyhound into the house.

The two of them have joined forced in stealing food and went through a packet of club biscuits plus foil the other days.

I’ve also been buying books (helping the economy!) and have purchased the next two books we have for the group and the much hyped Wetlands. The first page made my eyes pop so it’s living up to it’s promise.

I’ve had to set it aside to continue reading the Time Travellers Wife, which I LOVE! I can’t wait to find out what everyone else thinks about it at the next meeting, which is next week!

Whooh! Middlesbrough libraray, 6.30pm, Tuesday 24th…see you there?

From your first cigarette…


I’m typing this with the help of a real life LOLcat who likes to poke her paws at the keyboard, so please forgive any typos.

So, it’s not long until the first night at The Blue Lounge, and I am looking forward to it A LOT.

Without sounding like that scary man in glitter platforms, if you want to be in my gang, my gang, well, there’s one thing you have to do (Well, you don’t have to, but it would be wise to do this ok?)

Unlike most gangs, there are no uniforms, signs or initiation rights, oh no.  In the Blue Lounge Book Group Gang, there’s one rule. Yes, you CAN talk about book group, in fact that’s encouraged.

What you have to do to join is… the nice people at New Writing North at (hello Sandra and Claire!) and tell them you want to come along. Simple? Yes.

So what’s the catch? None.

If you email them they will send you a snazzy little card to put in your purse/wallet/pocket/behind your ear which will get you money off drinks to drink whilst at The Blue Lounge AND 20% off book group books at Borders.

Smart eh? You didn’t get that with the Jets and the Sharks did you? Course if you’re the type who doesn’t like rules feel free to just turn up. S’alright!

About the group

The Tees Valley Book Group meets at Stockton Central Library at 6.30pm on the first Tuesday of the month.

If you would like more information about what the group is reading, please visit


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